Powasol Waxo Lube Dry Lube

Powasol Waxo Lube Dry Lube
Powasol Waxo Lube Dry Lube 1

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Powasol Waxo Lube Dry Lube

Made by mixing quoculien wax with oil and water at very high speeds, Waxo Lube from Powasol is a great dry chain lube. Applied wet out of the bottle onto a freshly cleaned chain, you need to leave it for at least 3 hours to set properly so it doesn't splatter off your chain while riding.

The wax base in this dry lube offers great sealing and lubricating properties protecting your chain and running gear from rust and moisture damage as well as normal wear and tear.

As always, the main thing to remember when applying chain lube is to not overdo it. Too much lube can be as bad as not enough.

  • Quoculien wax additive seals out moisture
  • Apply wet and sets dry
  • Makes chains run smoother and quieter
  • An ideal lube for wet conditions
  • 20mL
  • 1L