35.0mm OD Cold Drawn Seamless Mild Steel Tube

35.0mm OD Cold Drawn Seamless Mild Steel Tube
35.0mm OD Cold Drawn Seamless Mild Steel Tube

Our Seamless Steel is a high quality, low carbon mild steel imported from Japan and is supplied in lengths as drawn. The majority of sizes come in 5 metre lengths, however, some of the smaller sizes are in smaller lengths.

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Our steel is sold per metre. We offer a service of cutting down lengths to sizes required as sometimes a whole length can be much more product than is actually necessary. This can also be a more cost effective method of shipping as smaller lengths can be sent by courier rather than by larger transport company. We offer a rough cut service so if you require precision cut lengths it is recommended to order slightly more product than you need and trim to precise lengths yourself.

All of our product is manufactured to SAE1010 S-C standard and inspection certificates can be supplied with purchases upon request.

1010 Grade Mild Steel Tubing is a low carbon, general purpose quality of steel tube with a maximum carbon content of 0.13% and is appropriate for a wide variety of engineering applications including case hardening, pressure applications, construction, manipulated components, framework, roll cages and other areas where a high strength, workable material is required. 1010 quality mild steel can be easily manipulated or can be softened by annealing or normalising when required.

Can be case hardened using either oil or water quenching.

    • 2.6mm / 12G (29.8mm Inside Diameter)
    • 1.6mm / 16G (31.8mm Inside Diameter)
    • Annealing Temperature: 680-700°C
    • Normalising Temperature: 910-930°C