700 x 25 Hutchinson Fusion 5 Tyre

700 x 25 Hutchinson Fusion 5 Tyre
700 x 25 Hutchinson Fusion 5 Tyre

The Fusion 5 from Hutchinson is a high-tech, performance driven clincher tyre that is the culmination of 2 years research with 105 different rubber compound tests and more than 160,000 kilometres of testing. It features a Kevlar Pro Tech layer for quality puncture resistance and is nice and lightweight at only 215 grams. It is one of the few Hutchinson clincher tyres that use Kevlar in its casing protection layer, making it highly resistant to punctures.

During all it's testing the Fusion 5 has been refined to offer high results in the 5 main performance aspects of a tyre; grip, efficiency, durability, puncture resistance, and comfort. It allows everyone from the most demanding cyclist to recreational riders the option to not have to choose between performance and durability.

This 700 x 25 tyre features a folding bead design with a 127 TPI casing that includes Kevlar puncture protection and weighs in at 215 grams.

  • Size: 700 x 25
  • Folding bead design
  • 127 TPI Casing
  • Weight: 215 grams
  • Kevlar pucture protection layer
  • An excellent combination of reliability, efficiency, and performance
  • Product of over 160,000km of testing
  • Quality made in France product