IceToolz Wheel Truing Stand

IceToolz Wheel Truing Stand
IceToolz Wheel Truing Stand

Crafted with a robust reinforced steel base weighing 1973g, this stand offers unwavering stability while your work on your your wheels. The included thru-axle kit enhances versatility, accommodating a wide range of axle sizes for your convenience.

With the adjustable precision guides, achieving perfectly straight and true wheels becomes a breeze. These guides are ingeniously designed for adaptability – they can be moved vertically to accommodate various wheel sizes, ensuring accurate positioning tailored to your needs. From 18" to 29" wheels, the IceToolz Wheel Truing Stand is your reliable partner in wheel alignment. The added advantage of an adjustable disc brake rotor truing guide provides an all-inclusive solution for your maintenance needs.

  • Supplied with 1973g reinforced steel base
  • Supplied with thru-axle kit
  • Fits wheel widths 100-150mm
  • Will true a wheel from 18" to 29"
  • Contains disc brake rotor truing guide
  • Easy to read needle gauge
  • Solid alloy wheel stand
  • Fits all sized axles