KORE D1 Alloy Pedal

KORE D1 Alloy Pedal
KORE D1 Alloy Pedal

Designed specifically for enduro, trail, and freeriding, the Kore D1 Alloy Pedals deliver the perfect balance of strength, grip, and reliability. Constructed from high-density alloy, these pedals are built to withstand the demands of aggressive riding. They're also lightweight, allowing you to maximize your speed and efficiency on the trails.

Featuring 40 height-adjustable pins, these pedals offer outstanding grip and traction in all conditions. Whether you're tackling steep descents, technical climbs, or fast corners, the adjustable pins allow you to fine-tune the grip according to your preferences and the terrain you're riding on.

Equipped with a Cr-Mo 9/16" axle, these pedals provide reliable and efficient power transfer from your feet to the pedals, while the sealed bearings used in these pedals provide smooth and friction-free rotation, resulting in a responsive and efficient pedaling. The sealed bearing design also offers enhanced protection against dust, dirt, and moisture, extending the lifespan of your pedals and ensuring consistent performance over time.

  • High-density alloy pedal
  • Has 40 replaceable pins
  • Cr-Mo 9/16” axle
  • Sealed bearing
  • Measures 102mm x 97mm
  • Pair weighs 436g
  • Matte black colour