KORE Iron 110 Alloy Pedal

KORE Iron 110  Alloy Pedal
KORE Iron 110  Alloy Pedal 1KORE Iron 110  Alloy Pedal 2

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KORE Iron 110  Alloy Pedal

The KORE Iron 110 Alloy Pedal is the ultimate choice for riders seeking uncompromising performance and reliability on the trails. Designed for enduro, trail, freeride, and downhill disciplines, these pedals combine strength, precision, and grip to enhance your riding experience.

The platforms are constructed from extruded aluminum 6061-T6 with post CNC work, ensuring exceptional durability and rigidity. The Cr-Mo steel axles provide the necessary strength to handle rough terrains, while the 40 replaceable pins offer unmatched grip and control. With a sealed bearing system and a concave body design, these pedals deliver smooth rotation, efficient power transfer, and a secure foot placement.

  • Pedal is constructed from aluminium extruded with post CNC
  • Has a concave body with 40 replaceable pins
  • Cr-Mo 9/16” axle
  • Sealed bearing
  • Measures 104mm x 110mm
  • Pair weighs 336g
  • Black colour
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red