Ravemen TR30M Rear Light

Ravemen TR30M Rear Light
Ravemen TR30M Rear Light

The Ravemen TR30M Rear Light was designed for maximum visibility and safety during your rides. This lightweight and versatile light features dual highly efficient LEDs with a maximum of 30 lumens, and a transparent light body with a 360-degree beam angle. The special internal reflecting patterns of the TR30 enhance the rear and side visibility, providing much better visibility for the rider.

The TR30M comes with five different modes - low, high, flashing, rapid flashing, and pulse flashing - providing you with flexibility for different riding scenarios. Its mounting angle is adjustable for maximum visibility during daily riding or group riding without dazzling following riders. The quick release design is compatible with both round and aero seatposts, ensuring easy installation and removal.

The built-in battery indicator and charging indicator, along with the intelligent memory circuit, make the TR30M easy and convenient to use. This light fits seatposts ranging from 24mm to 36mm, making it compatible with most bikes. With a runtime of between 1.7 and 4.8 hours depending on the mode, the TR30M is perfect for daily commuting or urban riding.

  • Dual Highly efficient LEDs with max 30 lumens
  • Transparent light body with 360-degree beam angle
  • 5 Modes - Low, High, Flashing, Rapid flashing & Pulse flashing
  • Special internal reflecting patterns, enhancing the rear and side visibility and increasing rider's safety
  • Mounting angle adjustable for daily riding with max visibility or for group riding without dazzling following riders
  • Quick release design, compatible with round and aero seatposts
  • Micro USB charging port, compatible with most phone chargers
  • Built-in battery indicator and charging indicator
  • Intelligent memory circuit remembers the last used brightness level and mode when turned on again
  • Fits 24mm to 36mm seatpost
  • Between 1.7 and 4.8 hours of runtime, depending on the mode