Yedoo Mushing Kit

Yedoo Mushing Kit
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Yedoo Mushing Kit

Dogs love to run so make walking your dog a little more fun with a Yedoo Mushing Kit. This add on for your Yedoo Scooter will allow you to attach your dog lead to the front of your scooter and will keep the lead out of your front wheel.

The aluminium mounting block has a simple clamp fitting design and the sprung arm is made from a hardened stainless steel.

Available in two sizes to suit a range of Yedoo adults scooters. Not recommended for use with childrens scooters.

Please note, the the tuglines and harness are not included. We recommend buying a high-quality short harness that fits your dog correctly, as well as a minimum 2-meter long tugline with springing to ensure the ideal pull distribution that is friendlier to your dog's back.

  • Simple clamp fitting design
  • Aluminium mounting block
  • Hardened stainless steel sprung arm
  • Available in 25.4mm or 28.6mm clamp diameter
  • Yedoo City
  • Yedoo Mezeq
  • Yedoo Dragstr
  • Yedoo Wolfer