Oxford Bright Cover Backpack Cover

Oxford Bright Cover Backpack Cover
Oxford Bright Cover Backpack Cover

The Bright Cover Backpack Cover from Oxford Products combines highly visible, waterproof, fluorescent yellow material with reflective details and paneling to provide a great amount of visibility. Simply strap this cover to your backpack and be confident that motorists and other road users will be able to see you as they approach.

The combination of fluorescent and reflective materials makes this a great backpack cover for day or night riding. The fluorescent yellow material provides high visibility during the day while the reflective details and paneling provides an eye catching amount of reflectivity at night. The Bright Cover Backpack Cover is also waterproof to keep the contents of your backpack dry making it an ideal choice year round.

The cover itself measures 460mm high x 260mm wide x 140mm deep and has an elasticated cuff with two domed straps to make sure once it is fitted in place, it will not move.

  • Highly visibile day and night
  • Fluorescent yellow material combined with reflective details & paneling
  • Waterpoof to protect your backpacks contents
  • Elasticated cuff
  • Two domed straps
  • Measures: 460mm x 260mm x 140mm