Zefal Disc Brake Cleaner

Zefal Disc Brake Cleaner
Zefal Disc Brake Cleaner 1

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Zefal Disc Brake Cleaner

There's no worse feeling than pulling your brake lever and not slowing down. Quite often this can be caused by a build up of contaminants on your braking surface and components.

This Disc Brake Cleaner from Zefal is a degreaser that has been specially formulated for cleaning disc brakes. It's an excellent solvent against oil, grease, brake fluid, dried-on dirt and braking residues. It has been specially designed to rapidly dry ensuring it quickly and effectively cleans brakes by letting the solvent dissolve the dirt.

It improves the performance of the braking systems and stops any grinding noise.

  • 400ml aerosol
  • Acetone & CMR Free - Guaranteed no risk to plastic or painted parts
  • Re-establishes original brake performance
  • Better braking without the noise
  • Quick drying and fast cleaning without leaving any residue
  • Simply shake before use, apply and leave to work for 60 seconds and wipe with a microfibre cloth