Zefal Sense Soft 65 No-Mud Bottle

Zefal Sense Soft 65 No-Mud Bottle
Zefal Sense Soft 65 No-Mud Bottle

The Sense Soft 65 No Mud offers a simple yet effective, lightweight design. Crafted from polypropylene, this bottle offers the perfect balance between squeezability and a neutral taste and smell, ensuring a refreshing drinking experience. Its ergonomic design allows for easy gripping and use in all riding conditions, while the soft silicone valve provides a pleasant sensation and seals perfectly in the closed position.

The odorless material of the bottle ensures cleanliness, providing you with a refreshing drink every time. With its No Mud protection, the nozzle of your bottle stays clean, regardless of the challenging conditions and terrains you encounter. The Sense Soft 65 offers a capacity of 650mL and measures 74mm in diameter and 210mm in height, making it easy to handle and insert into any bottle cage. Made without BPA or other toxins, this bottle is not only effective but also safe for your health. Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency with the Sense Soft 65 No Mud and stay hydrated on all your cycling adventures.

  • Weighs 80g
  • Capacity 650mL
  • Diameter 74mm
  • Height 210mm
  • Constructed from Polypropylene
  • No BPA or other toxins
  • Nozzle can be removed, making it easy to clean
  • Anti-mud cap keeps the nozzle clean while you ride
  • Smoked Black Colour