Halo Bandit Headband Pullover

Halo Bandit Headband Pullover
Halo Bandit Headband Pullover

The Halo Bandit Headband is 4" wide in the front and tapered in the back. It is designed to fit any size head comfortably, by putting very little pressure on your head, while keeping the Bandit in place.

The Bandit features Sweat Seal Grip Technology to keep the headband in place during any activity, while channeling sweat back and away allowing you to focus on your workout or bike ride without sweat dripping into your eyes or onto your glasses. The moisture-wicking Dryline fabric absorbs, wicks, kills odors and quickly evaporates moisture too.

Available in a range of colours.

  • Headband is 4'' wide in front and tapers back for good ear clearance
  • Made from high performance Dryline fabric
  • Absorbs, wicks & evaporates sweat quickly
  • Patented Sweat Seal channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face
  • Grip Technology keeps it in place during any activity
  • Black colour