Oxford Lite Pack 0.8L

Oxford Lite Pack 0.8L
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Oxford Lite Pack 0.8L

Crafted to discreetly fit beneath the saddle, this compact pack ensures riders are always ready for roadside repairs without the added weight. The highly reflective, weather-resistant material boosts nighttime visibility, complemented by a rear light clip for extra safety. Weighing only 58g, the Oxford Lite Pack features a strap mount system, vivid orange lining for easy interior visibility, and an elasticated pocket for smaller items.

With a 0.8-litre capacity, it strikes the perfect balance between compact design and spacious functionality – an essential companion for both weekend cyclists and daily commuters.

  • Highly reflective material for enhanced visibility at night
  • Weatherproof design
  • Strap mount system - hook and loop straps attach to seat post and saddle rails
  • Rear light clip
  • Contrast colour lining
  • Elasticated internal pocket for smaller items
  • 0.8 litre capacity
  • Weighs 58g