Oxford Mammoth Kick Stand 26-28"

Oxford Mammoth Kick Stand 26-28"
Oxford Mammoth Kick Stand 26-28"

Designed to cater to various bike models, including E Bikes, 26", 27.5", and 29ers, the Oxford Mammoth Kick Stand boasts a range of features that enhance both functionality and convenience. Mounting centrally behind the bottom bracket, it ensures a balanced and secure attachment point. The kick stand's heavy-duty alloy construction ensures durability while seamlessly integrating with your bike's aesthetics. Its black finish and a bottom plastic foot measuring 60mm x 40mm provide a sleek and practical touch to your bike's setup. With the ability to provide up to 20mm of adjustment via an allan key, this kick stand offers a tailored fit for your bike, guaranteeing a reliable and stable support system.

  • Made for E Bikes, 26'' 27.5 or 29ers
  • Fully adjustable leg
  • Supports bike weight up to 35kg
  • Mounting centrally behind bottom bracket
  • Heavy duty alloy construction
  • Provides up to 20mm adjustment via allan key
  • Bottom plastic foot is 60mm x 40mm
  • Black