Oxford Triple Brush Set

Oxford Triple Brush Set
Oxford Triple Brush Set

The Oxford Triple Brush Set is the ultimate weapon against dirt and grime, meticulously crafted to elevate any bike cleaning routine to new heights. With this innovative trio of brushes, bikes will be spotless and ready to hit the road with unparalleled shine.

The Wheely Clean is a deluxe wheel brush designed to penetrate the tightest spaces between spokes and around rims. Say goodbye to stubborn brake dust and road grime. Next up, the Claw Brush features a precision design tailored for tackling drivetrain components. Equipped with a handy moulded claw tool, this brush digs deep to eradicate even the most stubborn build-up, ensuring the bike's performance remains top-notch mile after mile. Lastly, the Prong Brush is the unsung hero of this cleaning arsenal. With its unique twin-headed design, no crevice or corner remains untouched as it simultaneously attacks dirt from both sides, leaving no room for grime to hide.

Crafted with durability in mind, each brush boasts tough nylon bristles and a rubberized safety tip for added protection. The long-reach brush heads effortlessly navigate even the trickiest areas, while the impact-resistant handle ensures a comfortable grip. For optimal performance and longevity, avoid using boiling water and refrain from cleaning hot parts with these brushes. Instead, opt for warm water and allow all components to cool cleaning.

  • Includes: Wheely Clean, Claw Brush and Prong Brush
  • Durable nylon bristles
  • Rubberised safety tip
  • Long reach brush head
  • Tough impact resistant handle