Zefal Deflector RS75 Rear Mudguard

Zefal Deflector RS75 Rear Mudguard
Zefal Deflector RS75 Rear Mudguard 1Zefal Deflector RS75 Rear Mudguard 2Zefal Deflector RS75 Rear Mudguard 3

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Zefal Deflector RS75 Rear Mudguard

The Zefal Deflector RS75 Rear Mudguard has a unique, close-to-the-wheel mounting system, and offers unparalleled effectiveness while maintaining an unobtrusive profile. Whether you ride a full suspension or rigid bike, the RS75 is designed to meet your needs.

Designed to fit 27.5" and 29" bikes, the Zefal Deflector RS75 accommodates maximum tire widths of 2.8", making it suitable for various off-road adventures. The RS75 is specifically designed to be full suspension ready, making it compatible with all types of suspension bikes. Its innovative suspension arm mounting system ensures a secure and reliable fit, providing optimal protection without compromising your bike's performance.

E-Bike compatibility is an essential feature of the Zefal Deflector RS75, making it suitable for electric mountain bikes. Now you can enjoy the same level of protection on your e-bike as you would on a traditional mountain bike.

  • Fits 27.5" and 29" bikes
  • Universal fitting
  • Supplied with instructions
  • Fits maximum tyre width 2.8''
  • Full suspension ready
  • Mounts to rear stays - Adjustable from 16mm to 42mm
  • Blade width is 81mm at it's narrowest and 92mm at it's widest
  • Fibre-glass reinforced polypropylene
  • E-Bike compatible
  • 585mm long
  • Weighs 341g