Zefal Espion Z56 Mirror

Zefal Espion Z56 Mirror
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Zefal Espion Z56 Mirror

Ideal for commuters, urban, or leisure cyclists and a great addition to any E-Bike, the Espion Z56 Handlebar Mirror from Zefal is one of the largest cycle mirrors currently available. It features a universal clamp mounting system and a reinforced fibreglass composite arm with adjustment points at each end for easy positioning. The mirror can also be folded inwards for storage when the bike is not in use.

The mirror itself is made from virtually unbreakable chrome ABS that wont shatter or smash in the event of an accident.

  • Large 56cm2 mirror
  • Virtually unbreakable chrome ABS mirror
  • Reinforced fibreglass composite arm
  • Universal handlebar mounting clamp
  • Available in left or right hand orientation