Zefal FC02 Mini Pump

Zefal FC02 Mini Pump
Zefal FC02 Mini Pump

The FC02 pump from Zefal is a telescoping mini pump with a flexible connection and a head that is suitable for both Presta and Schrader valves. The telescoping design allows the FC02 to reach pressures of up to 119 psi (or 8 bar) and the flexible connection lets you pump on a more comfortable angle while helping prevent damage to the valve.

The flexible connection is stored inside the pump and pulls out when in use. While stored there is a clip closed mud cap that prevents dirt and debris from getting to the pump head and blocking it up.

The included mounting clip allows you to mount the pump to your bike using existing bottle cage mounting points while still being able to use a bottle cage on the same mount.

The full aluminium construction makes the FC02 a lightweight and durable pump that wont rust or corrode over time.

  • Maximum 119psi or 8 bar
  • Z-Turn connection with lock magnet closure
  • Measures 180mm in length - expands to 300mm
  • Has a large expandable alloy barrel
  • Reversible Schrader/Presta flexible connection
  • Supplied with bracket for mounting to water bottle cage
  • Aluminium construction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Wont rust or corrode over time
  • Cap for mud protection
  • Silver black finish
  • Weighs 111g