Zefal Kid 16-20" Mudguards

Zefal Kid 16-20" Mudguards
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Zefal Kid 16-20" Mudguards

The Zefal Kid 16-20" Mudguards are designed specifically for 16" and 20" sized bikes and offer excellent protection against mud, dirt, and splashes, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable riding experience for young cyclists.

Crafted from durable and resilient technopolymer resin, these mudguards are built to withstand the demands of off-road riding. They are designed to be both flexible and hard, striking the perfect balance between durability and maneuverability. Whether your child is exploring rugged trails or cruising on city streets, these mudguards can handle it all.

The Zefal Kid 16-20" Mudguards are suitable for both rigid and suspension forks, offering versatility and compatibility with a wide range of bikes. The rear guard measures 420mm in length and 50mm in width, while the front guard measures 370mm in length and 50mm in width. This comprehensive coverage ensures that both the front and rear wheels are well-protected from dirt and debris.

  • Made to fit both 16'' & 20'' sized bikes
  • Made from technopolymer resin
  • Fit both rigid and suspension forks
  • Guards are quite flexible and hard
  • Rear guard is 420mm x 50mm wide
  • Front guard is 370mm x 50mm wide
  • Universal quick fitting
  • Supplied with brackets and screws
  • Black