Zefal Sense Pro 50 Bottle

Zefal Sense Pro 50 Bottle
Zefal Sense Pro 50 Bottle 1

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Zefal Sense Pro 50 Bottle

The Zefal Sense Pro 50 is the ultimate solution for cyclists who want to stay hydrated during their rides without worrying about spills and leaks. With its innovative design and practical features, the Sense Pro 50 is the perfect choice for anyone who values quality and functionality.

At a capacity of 500 ml, this bottle is designed to fit perfectly on frames that lack space and access. The moulded cover ensures a better grip on the bottle, making it easier to hold during bumpy rides, and the double-closure Pro-Cap system guarantees that it is 100% watertight, preventing spills and leaks that can ruin your ride.

The soft anti-drip valve is specially designed for easy drinking on the bike, allowing you to stay hydrated without having to slow down or stop. And with its quick-opening valve, you can regulate the liquid consumed without worrying about overflow or spills. This feature provides better control and a pleasant sensation when drinking, making the Sense Pro 50 an ideal choice for all types of cyclists.

  • BPA free
  • Soft anti-drip valve for easy drinking on the bike
  • Pro-Cap double closure system - 100% watertight
  • Designed for frames with small access
  • 500ml capacity
  • Height 161mm
  • Weight 71g