Zefal Z Liners

Zefal Z Liners
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Zefal Z Liners

This innovative protective tape is made from highly resistant polyurethane material, providing an additional layer of defense against punctures. With the Z Liner, you can ride with confidence, knowing that you have an extra line of defense against potential punctures.

Each pack of Z Liner includes two liners to cover both wheels.

Installing the Z Liner is a breeze. Simply follow the mounting instructions provided to ensure proper placement between the inner tube and the tyre. The careful positioning of the Z Liner, along with the recommended 1 cm gap between the tape strips, helps prevent overlap and pinching of the inner tube. Once installed, check the alignment and proceed to inflate the tyre to the recommended pressure.

  • Grey: 19mm Road Tyres, Width 23-28mm
  • Orange: 27mmHybrid / Gravel Tyre, Width 35 to 42mm
  • Blue: 34mm MTB Universal Tyre, Width 1.85 - 2.25"
  • Purple: 50mm MTB 26/27.5/29", Width 2.40 - 3.00"
  • Installation is done when fitting the tyre
  • Rest the tyre flat on a table
  • Mount the inner tube by starting with the valve
  • Carefully inflate until it falls into place
  • Slide the Z Liner between the inner tube and the tyre
  • Roll out the Z Liner and insert it opposite the valve
  • Cut the tape with a pair of scissors being careful to leave a 1 cm gap between the two strips which will help stop the tapes overlapping and pinching the inner tube - a squashed inner tube is more likely to puncture
  • Check the Z Liner is in the correct position before adding the rest of the tyre and inflating it to the right pressure