Zefal Z-Sealant

Zefal Z-Sealant
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Zefal Z-Sealant

Z Sealant from Zefal is designed to prevent & repair punctures up to 3mm in diameter and is suitable for both inner tubes & tubeless tyres. The latex based formula contains less than 1% ammonia so it is safe to use on all tyres, tubes, & wheels, and will not cause any damage.

Available in either a 125mL bottle with an applicator tube, a 1L bottle with a syringe for installation, or a workshop size 5L bottle. When installing through a presta or schrader valve you must remove the valve core. Alternatively when installing into a tubeless tyre the sealant can be applied directly into the tyre if desired.

Approximately 60mL of sealant needed per tyre. It is recommended to check sealant levels every 6-8 months and re-install if necessary.

  • Contains Latex solution to repair punctures up to 3mm
  • Contains less then 1% amonia
  • Works on both tubes and tubeless applications
  • Each bottle has directions on how to apply
  • 125ml - does 2 tyres (with plastic hose)
  • 1L - does 16 tyres (with syringe)
  • 5L- does 80 tyres