Zefal Spy Mirror

Zefal Spy Mirror
Zefal Spy Mirror

Crafted from solid, unbreakable chrome-plated plastic, the Zefal Spy mirror is designed to withstand the demands of urban riding and city use, ensuring durability and reliability on the road.

Offering 360 degrees of adjustability, the Zefal Spy Mirror allows riders to find the perfect viewing angle and position for optimal visibility. Whether you need a quick glance behind you or a comprehensive view of your surroundings, this mirror has you covered.

Installing the Zefal Spy Mirror is a easy thanks to its snap-on mounting system with a rubber strap. It securely attaches to your handlebar, and with its versatile mounting options, it can be positioned on either side of your bike to suit your preference and riding style.

Weighing just 25g, the Zefal Spy Mirror adds minimal weight to your bike, ensuring a lightweight and balanced ride.

  • Unbreakable ABS chrome plated plastic
  • Fully adjustable
  • Snap on mounting with rubber strap
  • Can be mounted either side of handlebar
  • Convex mirror
  • 360 degrees of adjustability
  • Fits anywhere on your bike
  • Weighs 25g